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Comfort in the moon

Do you ever look up at the moon and wonder who else is staring at that celestial object at the exact same time?

When Ben is offshore, I find comfort in the moon. Just knowing that we could both be looking at Earth’s only natural satellite makes me feel safe. It may not look the same for both of us, but there’s no doubt it’s the moon and that’s comforting. A simple ‘look up at the moon’ and I feel more connected to him than I do hearing his voice on an echoing telephone line.

And the moon is old, older than anything I will ever lay naked eyes on. To think, I’m staring at the same moon that Galileo, the Ancient Eqyptians and even the dinosaurs would have looked upon. The one constant in everybody’s lives – past, present and future. The same moon my Dad, at my age, would have gazed upon through his telescope. The same moon my children will study at school.

In 1,000 years time, when I am long gone, I suspect someone will be staring at the moon, wondering exactly what I am now – who else is looking at you, the man in the moon?

There are many Astronomical Societies across the country and if you’re interested in our solar system I recommend going along to one of their talks. Many hold observation evenings too, so you can use their equipment and get a close up look at the moon and stars. For those of you in Norfolk, the Norwich Astronomical Society hold regular talks and has its own observatory. The observatory is in the middle of nowhere, so light pollution isn’t a problem and the views are spectacular.