Sunny Sweet Pea 101 Things

101 Things

I clearly love to make lists. I have my 30 before 30 list, for the big things I want to do in my life, before I’m 30. But I figure resolutions and to do lists work for me, so perhaps a 101 things in 1001 days will encourage me to do those little things I’ve been meaning to do forever.

Here it goes.

1. Wear a bikini and feel comfortable in it.
2. Give blood at least twice.
3. Bake a cheesecake.
4. Read all the books I own but have never read.
5. Likewise with DVDs.
6. Sort my book collection out. If I wouldn’t consider reading a book again, give it to a charity shop.
7. Likewise with DVDs.
8. Save at least £5,000.
9. Use that £5,000 to buy an iMac (or perhaps a wedding, te he).
10. Buy a fake stag head for my craft room and hang string lights on its antlers.
11. Choose some vintage wallpaper for my craft room.
12. Skype with Ellie in Doha.
13. Have a stall at a craft fair.
14. Sew my own dress.
15. Finish restoring my writing bureau.
16. Complete a 5k race.
17. Complete a 10k race.
18. Complete a half marathon.
19. Eat at a Japanese restaurant (not Yo! Sushi).
20. Eat lava bread in Wales.
21. Manage to stand up on a surfboard (on water of course).
22. Successfully grow a chilli plant from seed.
23. Try Montezuma’s Eton Mess chocolate.
24. Own a BBQ.
25. Make use of our National Trust membership and visit 10 different National Trust properties.
26. Buy a sofa bed for the spare room.
27. Buy and restore a welsh dresser for our conservatory.
28. Have a farmhouse dining table in the conservatory.
29. Paint the garden fence and decking.
30. Buy a new pair of Ugg boots. Mine are gross.
31. Drink an Irish coffee.
32. Go on a summer holiday with Ben.
33. Own a baby pink electric mixer.
34. Have 500 followers on Twitter.
35. Have 500 followers on Instagram.
36. Manage to stick to my weekly calorie goal on My Fitness Pal for at least a week.
37. Visit and blog about as many standing Welsh castles as possible. There are about 100 castles still standing in Wales.
38. Own enough rings to be able to wear a different one every day for a month.
39. Take Mum for afternoon tea at Biddy’s Tea Room.
40. Go and see the seals at Blakeney.
41. Collect all of the Studio Ghibli movies.
42. Buy new glasses.
43. Finish my Star Wars cross stitch.
44. Enrol on a crochet class and make a blanket.
45. Watch a 6 Nations rugby match at the Millennium Stadium.
46. Complete the 200 situps programme.
47. Complete the 100 pushups programme.
48. Watch 100 rental movies from Love Film ~ 2/100
49. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
50. Go to the cinema on average once a month for a year.
51. Host a Eurovision party.
52. Don’t spend any money on food and drink at work for a whole week.
53. See Michael Buble in concert.
54. Watch a Marilyn Monroe film.
55. Watch an Audrey Hepburn film.
56. Watch all of the musicals on this list.
57. Read a Charles Dickens novel.
58. Complete a triathlon ~ completed my first super sprint triathlon in April 2012.
59. Apply for Wimbledon tickets.
60. Have a picnic with champagne and strawberries.
61. Go to a flea market/carboot sale and buy vintage tea cups to add to my collection.
62. Make animal topped storage jars.
63. Blog a self portrait once a month.
64. Start sponsorship on the blog.
65. Read 30 books in a year.
66. Go to the ballet.
67. Eat at 10 new (to me) restaurants in Norwich.
68. Plan something secret for Mum’s birthday.
69. Take a weekend break with Ben.
70. Watch all of Dexter.
71. Read the Song of Ice and Fire series, so I can watch the TV series.
72. Hire a boat on the Broads for the day.
73. Go back to Go Ape in Thetford (and be less of a wimp).
74. Go to Thorpe Park and ride the Swarm.
75. Play the new Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider games on the Xbox.
76. Do a photo an hour post.
77. Meet a fellow blogger.
78. Comment on 50 new (to me) blogs ~ 2/50
79. Go raspberry picking and then make jam.
80. Go a week without drinking Diet Coke or Coke Zero.
81. Visit all of the UK’s National Parks.
82. Go running on a beach.
83. Read a Shakespeare play.
84. Try oysters.
85. Do a first aid course.
86. Pick elderflower and then make cordial.
87. Walk through a blue bell wood every spring.
88. Find the perfect peach colour nail varnish.
89. Wear my hair in a French plait to work.
90. Do a 100 miles on my bike in a year
91. Grow sunflowers from seed.
92. Cook something using only ingredients grown in my greenhouse (apart from herbs, spices etc.)
93. Visit Stranger’s Hall in Norwich.
94. Score 15+ goals in a korfball season.
95. Don’t moan or complain for a whole week.
96. Give any clothes that I no longer fit in or haven’t worn for ages to charity.
97. Sort out all my old photographs.
98. Make photo albums of all my important photographs.
99. Make a £10 donation on a strangers fundraising page.
100. Have a garden party with tea, cake and bunting.
101. Go one whole month without making any unnecessary purchases.

And that’s it. My extreme to do list. All to be completed by Christmas Eve 2014.