Goodness life is busy at the moment. That and lack of internet at home means I feel I am neglecting this little space of mine. Posts are being written when I can snatch a few minutes on a lunch break or stay a little late after work.

But life goes on and is generally captured through Instagram. My course material has arrived and on the 4th of October I will officially be a student again. Until May, I will spend every Friday working on my creative writing and now I can’t wait to start! Ben is currently decorating our spare room. Which will transform it from dumping ground with a bed, to home office and reading area. I also know what I am getting for my birthday. Let’s just say I will no longer have to steal Benjamin’s laptop.

Pip and I have been on a little adventure recently, in an attempt to find an abandoned church from the 15th century. I’ve been meaning to go and find the church for years and only last weekend did I finally get around to visiting it. I obviously had camera in tow, so expect a full post soon.

On Saturday I had my hair done again, I seem to be even blonder now. When I next manage to film a You Tube video you can see it in its full glory. I also went hunting for a new desk, which drained me of all my enthusiasm for furniture shopping and meant a scone SOS was on the cards.

Yesterday I took part in, what turns out to be, my last triathlon of the season. I found out last week that the Cambridge triathlon has been cancelled. Too high a levels of toxins in the river. I didn’t think I would be disappointed, as I tend to get a feeling of utter dread as competition dates approach. But this time I really am. It would have been my first full distance triathlon – 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run – and I’d been cycling my little heart out. Thankfully this meant I beat my time at the triathlon yesterday by nearly 3 minutes. I’m already planning my season of competitions for next year. I will do an olympic, I will, I will!

Luckily a Debenhams voucher will always counteract major disappointment. High end make up and fragrance is just what the doctor ordered.

And I finally managed to finish the Bloggers’ Book Club read. The chat is happening tomorrow evening, so I cut it fine (don’t I always). I have some thoughts (putting it mildly) to share with you on Tampa, but I’ll participate in the chat first. I’m always willing to have my views challenged, so we shall see.

I think with the change in the season, internet restored at my house and having my very own home office will mean I spend more time on the blog and film some more. I miss being creative. This autumn and winter I want to pick up my cross stitch and knitting again. I want to fill my notebooks with ideas, snippets and creative thoughts. Less time in front of the television and more time dedicated to the pastimes I love, that have been much neglected of late.