Sunny Sweet Pea Uncategorized LOVE STATIONERY


After visiting Charlotte at the weekend and sleeping in her wonderful studio space, I am totally inspired and excited to move back into mine. My course starts in just a few weeks, and as many of the lovely ladies on Instagram have said, it’s the perfect excuse to buy lots of pretty stationery. First on my wish list, and a total writer cliché, is a moleskine notebook.

Whilst I strolled along the seafront in Margate and drank copious cups of tea and elderflower cider, Ben was painting our spare room and pulling up the carpet. The desk is on order and I’ve finally bought a handle for my writing bureau. Which, urm, still isn’t finished. Three years after I bought it. What can I say, I like to take my time.

Anyone else as obsessed with stationery as I am!?