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It’s almost two weeks since I spent the weekend with lovely Miss Charlotte. She is truly one of my favourite people in life and to think! We met through blogging. I caught the train late Friday evening to her lovely little town house in Kent. We stayed up far too late, drinking tea, talking friendships and sharing our life worries. As I clambered into bed that evening, it promptly folded up on me. As I’m sure you can believe, I had been warned.

Sleeping in Charlotte’s craft room, surrounded by her creative spirit, I am always inspired to make more of my own work space. I am currently sat typing this on my new computer, at my new desk. In an empty room, but it’s a start. I can’t wait to turn this little space into my own creative den. Complete with reading corner and inspiration board.

On the Saturday morning we hopped on a train to the lovely seaside town of Margate. I don’t know Kent very well at all and have only ever paid fleeting visits for korfball matches, but I had heard of Margate. What a treasure trove of tearooms, antique shops, gifts shops and posh fish and chips it was.

We met up with my other favourite blogger lady Miss Alice on the train. And with a mutual appreciation for tea, cake, old furniture and chit chat we had a wonderful day.

After our posh chips, made with new potatoes don’t you know, we paid the Turner Gallery a visit. Now I’m not one for art really, but the use of light in this building I found fascinating. The ‘Back to Kansas’ piece being my favourite. Coloured squares were painted on to the wall, replicating the colours from the Wizard of Oz. As the light in the building fades, the individual squares slowly fade to grey. Although we didn’t get to see it on the day, I have a mini version to pin to my new notice board.

That evening, after a feast cooked by Sebastian, we banished him to the bedroom with his Playstation and settled down for a Channing Tatum fix. After my initial grumbles about the terrible script of The Vow, I soon got sucked in by Mr Tatum’s charm. I’ve promised Charlotte that I’ll treat her to Magic Mike for Christmas.

We woke up to American style waffles on the Sunday morning and I had to giggle at the size of Sebastian’s converter compared to the actual waffle maker. He was right though, totally worth it.

We hopped on another train (actually the same train) but this time getting off at Canterbury. I love oldy-worldy towns and Canterbury is beautiful. If you’ve followed my blog for a little while, you will know that Charlotte and I love a good museum. Although there were no willies in jars this time, we both have a fascination with taxidermy and Canterbury museum had a lovely collection of insects, butterflies and birds. They also had a brilliant photography exhibition on.

After a little wander around the Cathedral, we caught the train back to Charlotte’s for me to grab my things and to take a couple of polaroid snaps.


I absolutely adore this girl and just wish we lived closer. We’re already planning on returning to Margate once Dreamland reopens and we’re now deciding on this year’s Christmas adventure.

And if you’re interested in taxidermy, want a laugh, or just to torture a phobic (ahem Alice!) then have a look at Crappy Taxidermy. Truly awful and terrifying.