Sunny Sweet Pea Uncategorized PLAYING TOURIST IN LONDON


It’s been over a week since mother bear and I were playing tourists in London. Strolling down the Southbank, coffees in hand, often heard uttering the words ‘the UK has great history’. Mum tripping up the curb, nearly landing herself in hospital before we’d even reached the hotel. Luckily her back pack saved the day and we didn’t spend the weekend in A&E.


It appears that mum and I have made it a little tradition to have a weekend in London watching a musical. Last year we watched Phantom of the Opera and this year we chose Wicked.


By accident, I managed to buy Ambassador Lounge tickets. It was one of those happy accidents though. On arrival we were whisked away from the hundreds of theatre goers, handed glasses of prosecco and shown into a wonderful private lounge. After some nibbles and ordering our interval cocktails, we were escorted to our seats with a perfect view. Daughter done good. Unfortunately I think I’ve raised the bar when it comes to watching a musical. My mum won’t settle for anything less than a glass of bubbly and a handsome Canadian walking her to her seat from now on.

Wicked is incredible! I was told, but didn’t believe it until I’d seen it. One of the best musicals I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a LOT!

We didn’t have a huge amount planned for the Saturday. We took a trip to Foyles the book shop, a book worms dream. With four MILES of shelves, it’s fair to say I was in my element.

We also walked for MILES to get to Regent’s Park. But it was worth it. It was a gorgeous, sunny day. Perfect for strolling around the lake and rose gardens, listening to my mum reminisce about the days when she lived in London.

We ended our day with a visit to the Tower of London. I’d read on Beth’s blog about the poppies at the Tower and as the Tower is so close to Liverpool Street, we thought we’d have a look before catching the train home.

Not only is it an incredible spectacle, it’s also extremely poignant. From now until Armistice Day, volunteers will plant ceramic poppies, one for each British soldier lost during the  war.

Mum and I just sat, watching, remembering, for a good hour. If you’re in London you really should go and have a look. An amazing piece of art and an emotive representation of the loss we suffered during the First World War.

I’m always sad to say goodbye to my mum after spending time with her, and as regular readers will know, I long to be closer to her every time I say goodbye. But this time it won’t be long until I see her again. For my birthday we’ve booked a Romany gypsy caravan to stay in, not too far from my hometown. Until then, thank you mother bear for a fabulous weekend. Love you.