Say Hello // The Awkward Blog – Sunny Sweet PeaSunny Sweet Pea

Today I’m introducing you to Angela, the author of the London lifestyle blog The Awkward Blog. If you’re after some DIY ideas, yummy recipes or general things to do, where to eat and tips on London living, then Angela is your girl. I started The Awkward Blog in the summer of 2013, not that long […]


It’s time to start introducing you to the lovely bloggers in my sidebar. I have three wonderful blogs for you to follow today, each offering you something completely different! The Awkward Blog Angela’s blog is beautiful!! Both in design and content. A London dweller, Angela lives the life I occasionally find myself longing for. Blogger […]

Comfort in the moon

Do you ever look up at the moon and wonder who else is staring at that celestial object at the exact same time? When Ben is offshore, I find comfort in the moon. Just knowing that we could both be looking at Earth’s only natural satellite makes me feel safe. It may not look the […]

So you think you’re Harry Potter?

I’m currently having my leadership skills developed at work. And as part of this process we’ve all been put through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Basically a test that will spookily, accurately tell you what your personality type is. There are 16 different personality types according to the Myers and Briggs ladies and each […]

Life lately – Sunny Sweet Pea

My life currently revolves around notebooks and pens. Luckily I received enough of both for my birthday that I could open my own stationery shop. Back in August I signed up with the Open University to do a course in creative writing and it’s by far the best decision I have ever made. I am […]

Christmas card swap 2014 – Sunny Sweet PeaSunny Sweet Pea

After the success of this year’s postcard swap (thank you to those who have filled in the survey, it’s really helpful), I have decided to run a Christmas card swap. It will work very much the same as the postcard swap. I will split you into groups of 5 – 6 people and you will […]


Ever since stumbling across St Mary’s Church on Pinterest, I have been eager to go on a little adventure to find it. There’s something about ruins and abandoned buildings that fascinates me. They offer a window into history that no restoration project can. I love to picture the movements of the people who frequented these […]


AKA. Great British Bake Off challenge number 3! For those not living in the UK, you wouldn’t believe the furore that Great British Bake Off caused the week they attempted Baked Alaska. A bit of ‘you’ve got your own freezer’ drama, meant melted ice cream and ultimately one Baked Alaska thrown in a bin mid […]