Goodness life is busy at the moment. That and lack of internet at home means I feel I am neglecting this little space of mine. Posts are being written when I can snatch a few minutes on a lunch break or stay a little late after work. But life goes on and is generally captured through Instagram. My course material […]


Today’s the day. I’m hopefully sat inside a Romany gypsy wagon right now, twinkly lights overhead, sipping on sparkles and blowing out candles. I’ll let you know what 30 feels like when I get home. I expect I shall feel no different. Perhaps a little relieved that I can stop counting down the days left in my twenties. Perhaps I’ll […]


It’s almost two weeks since I spent the weekend with lovely Miss Charlotte. She is truly one of my favourite people in life and to think! We met through blogging. I caught the train late Friday evening to her lovely little town house in Kent. We stayed up far too late, drinking tea, talking friendships and sharing our life worries. […]


I had a wonderful birthday and I promise to share more soon. I even managed to work out how to use iMovie on my birthday present, so have a little vlog for you. But for now I thought I would share some pearls of wisdom. Things I’d tell myself in my teens and early twenties. Things to remember as I […]


It’s been over a week since mother bear and I were playing tourists in London. Strolling down the Southbank, coffees in hand, often heard uttering the words ‘the UK has great history’. Mum tripping up the curb, nearly landing herself in hospital before we’d even reached the hotel. Luckily her back pack saved the day and we didn’t spend the […]

Post card swap 2014

If you’ve been here a little while, then you’ll know that for the past few years I have run a postcard swap. There are slightly more of you out there this time and I hope lots of you will want to take part. I will split everyone up into groups of 5 – 8. I don’t expect people to spend […]

Recipe | Lavender Scones

I love the heady, floral fragrance of lavender. My garden is full of it. The buzz of the bumble bees that lavender attracts, is one of my favourite sounds of the summer. When Ben bit into one of these, he lovingly declared ‘it tastes like Grandma’. Well I think Grandma tastes damn good. I’ll eat Grandma flavoured anything – chocolate, milkshake, […]

Busy Bee

I can only apologise for my lack of blogging recently. I don’t think I’ve had a weekend at home in weeks and my evenings are taken up with exercise would you believe. My swim is on Saturday and I’ve actually done a lot more training than I thought I would! Last night was the first time that I’d swam in […]