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One of my new year’s resolutions for 2015 is to be more tolerant of others. To not snap, to stop and think before I react. Yes, sometimes people just need to be told. But occasionally your reaction can be part of the problem, so just take a moment to consider whether your response is really […]


I’ve written before about friendships and how letting go of the past can really hurt. This week I was talking to a very good girlfriend of mine about a friendship that has turned sour and is now just hurting. It got me thinking about life today and how social media can have a toxic effect […]

Comfort in the moonComfort in the moon

Do you ever look up at the moon and wonder who else is staring at that celestial object at the exact same time? When Ben is offshore, I find comfort in the moon. Just knowing that we could both be looking at Earth’s only natural satellite makes me feel safe. It may not look the […]

So you think you’re Harry Potter?So you think you’re Harry Potter?

I’m currently having my leadership skills developed at work. And as part of this process we’ve all been put through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Basically a test that will spookily, accurately tell you what your personality type is. There are 16 different personality types according to the Myers and Briggs ladies and each […]


Ever since stumbling across St Mary’s Church on Pinterest, I have been eager to go on a little adventure to find it. There’s something about ruins and abandoned buildings that fascinates me. They offer a window into history that no restoration project can. I love to picture the movements of the people who frequented these […]


After visiting Charlotte at the weekend and sleeping in her wonderful studio space, I am totally inspired and excited to move back into mine. My course starts in just a few weeks, and as many of the lovely ladies on Instagram have said, it’s the perfect excuse to buy lots of pretty stationery. First on […]