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I’m sure most of you have seen the news on Instagram, but for those that haven’t I can’t keep quiet about it any longer. And it seems silly to post about our holiday first. On our last day in Austria, walking back to our hotel along the lake, Benjamin asked me to marry him. It […]


So I’ve decided to be brave and just put it out there. Here is my first piece of creative writing as part of my course. I’d love to know what you think. And please, be critical! It’s okay, it’s what I need. What works for you? What doesn’t? Any changes you would make? I promise […]

A space to call my ownA space to call my own

Here’s a little preview of my new office. I should call it ‘our’ spare room, but really it’s mine. Our little mint green dumping ground has been transformed into a peaceful space for me to work. It’s also just a lovely room to sit and read now that we have a sofa bed. There’s a […]

Recipe | Hot chocolate topped with meringue – Sunny Sweet PeaSunny Sweet PeaRecipe | Hot chocolate topped with meringue – Sunny Sweet PeaSunny Sweet Pea

My favourite bit about drinking hot chocolate is when those teeny marshmallows start to melt and go gooey. So I thought ‘scrap the cream!’ Let’s just splodge a huge blob of marshmallow on top. I think this is technically meringue, but melted marshmallow consistency is what I was going for and that’s what I got! […]