It’s time to start introducing you to the lovely bloggers in my sidebar. I have three wonderful blogs for you to follow today, each offering you something completely different!

The Awkward Blog
Angela’s blog is beautiful!! Both in design and content. A London dweller, Angela lives the life I occasionally find myself longing for. Blogger meet ups that involve the theatre, photo hunts and Joules press days and you hear me moan that ‘nothing happens in Norwich’. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Angela is a true London lifestyle blogger, so if you want ideas on where to eat, recipes for Yorkshire Pudding sandwiches (oh yes!) and two lovely kittens who go by the names Pepper and Louie, then Angela is your girl. She also writes great DIY posts. I think some polka dots on my bedroom wall would look rather lovely. Ben will agree. I’ll make him.

Post of the month: London Photography Walk – I love things like this! I’ve done a photography walk in Norwich, years ago, and it’s such a great way to discover a city.

The What Now Blog
I love Louise’s blog! It’s a blog you need in your life, trust me. It’s a blog that goes deep, you know how I love a deep and meaningful every now and again, and there just isn’t enough of them out there! From thoughts on the mid life crisis (which I seemed to go through at the age of 23 and again now!) to understanding what makes you unique. I feel we all need Louise in our lives!

Post of the month: Getting your mojo back – truly wonderful tips on reigniting your imagination. Perfect for when the dreaded Bloggers’ Block rears its ugly head.

I do love welcoming Louisa back to the blog. If you’ve not come across Louisa’s blog before, it is truly charming and just wonderful. I really feel like I know this girl from reading her blog. The poor mite has been nursing a broken ankle of late, but you wouldn’t know it. She’s one of the most positive bloggers I know. This month she’s been meeting David Mitchell, drinking what looked like the most amazing hot chocolate ever and exploring the trenches.

Post of the month: Exploring the Trenches – probably something to do with that Sainsbury’s advert and my fascination with history in general, but I found this post rather moving.


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