It’s time to introduce you all to the ladies who have been gracing my sidebar this month. I have a mix of lifestyle, history and health blogs for you, all worth a follow. But I’ll let them do the talking! Hope you find some lovely new blogs to read.

I always love welcoming people back to the blog and Angela’s blog is one I follow regardless as to whether she sponsors me or not. I love reading about her beautiful family’s adventures, her love of crafting, baking and reading mean I’m pretty sure we’d get on well in real life. She also took on the dreaded Baked Alaska this month, she also has me bumping The Goldfinch higher up my TBR pile.

Post of the month: Adventures in Quilting – I’ve been meaning to make a quilt myself for a long time. I’m not sure whether Angela’s post puts me off or makes me want to crack on. Either way it’s very pretty.

Super Naturally Healthy
Kezia’s blog is your one stop shop for all things health, exercise and cooking, the natural way. Trying to eat healthily on a daily basis, I’ll admit, sometimes feels like a struggle. But Kezia posts lost of yummy recipes from healthy Indian food to grain free crepes. Suddenly healthy eating looks rather appetizing.

Post of the month: The Power of Health & Saying Goodbye to ‘Skinny’ – this post resonated with me so much!! I am heavy. Always have been always will. I’m 5’8 and currently weigh 11 stone. Now if I believed that little BMI calculator, I’d be very worried I was about to fall into the ‘over weight’ catagory. I’m not over weight. I’m a size 12, sometimes can even squeeze into a size 10. I am however muscular, but it’s taken me a long time to stop looking at that number on the scale and realise that it really isn’t important. Read Kezia’s post, if anyone can inspire you, she can.

Life Outside London
I love Michelle’s blog. Love, love, love. Actually I love Pete – Pete in a plant pot, Pete in a Harry Potter style cupboard. Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete, Pete. In all seriousness though, Michelle’s blog is brilliant for all sorts of reasons. She writes with such wit and humour, but all the while being incredibly endearing. Plus we have an awful lot in common, another lady I would love to meet in real life.

Post of the month: The Lament of the Glasses Wearer – again I can 100% relate to everything in this post. Especially the sunglasses thing, that is the worst. Having to plan to wear your contacts so you can wear your sunnies.

History Lover’s Guidebook
Who loves history? Hands up! When Beth first sponsored me I was so excited. Mainly because she wrote a blog completely different to what I’ve ever read before. A history/lifestyle blog. A real mix of all those geeky history snippets I love, from a real life blogger with personality. We’re not talking a museum blog here. Beth has just returned from her adventures in Vietnam and Cambodia. Places I’d never even thought about visiting. But her beautiful photos of temples, recaps and insights into the country had me adding them to my travel bucket list. They look like fascinating countries to explore.

Post of the month: A Few Hours in Bath – a Jane Austen Festival!!!! Need I say more, be still my nerdy heart.


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