Today’s the day. I’m hopefully sat inside a Romany gypsy wagon right now, twinkly lights overhead, sipping on sparkles and blowing out candles.

I’ll let you know what 30 feels like when I get home. I expect I shall feel no different. Perhaps a little relieved that I can stop counting down the days left in my twenties. Perhaps I’ll feel young again. I am in my very early thirties after all.

The prospect of the years ahead have me rather excited. I think the next ten years have the potential to be life changing. Let’s face it, during your twenties you just spend a lot of time learning to be an adult. Well I think I’ve mastered that one now. There’s nothing like finding your first grey hair to remind you you’re no longer 21.

I’ll still treasure my collection of Disney films. I’ll still enjoy a game of Animal Crossing. I’ll still turn my nose up at tomatoes.

I may be an adult, but I’m never planning on growing up!

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