On Saturday I made last minute plans with Samantha to visit Houghton Mill. I packed up the car with my picnic blanket, tea filled Thermos flask and National Trust membership, just as my mother would. I can’t work out whether I’m turning into a Grandma or I’m just very British.

I filmed a short vlog of the weekend, which also includes my Great British Bake Off challenge, if you fancy a laugh.

The village of Houghton is beautiful. The quintessential, chocolate box perfect, English village. Think thatched cottages, cricket green, village pub, red phone boxes, National Trust property, sage green doors and hollyhocks. Perfectly situated alongside a river.

After our picnic sat alongside the river (have a watch of the video for munching and paddling) we strolled around the tiny village of Houghton. It’s a busy little village, what with the National Trust owning Houghton Mill, which incidentally has a campsite right next to it. But this didn’t detract from its charm in the slightest.

Houghton Mill has a wonderful history. Saved from being demolished by the villagers, the mill was given to the National Trust and restored. It still mills flour today. We didn’t get the change to look inside, we were enjoying the sunshine a little too much, but we spotted that the tearoom sold flour from the mill.

Samantha and I both have a love of history and the village of Houghton doesn’t disappoint. We spent some time admiring the architecture of the church, but it was the beautiful old cottages that really set my heart a flutter. I know, I know, Ben would say ‘they’re probably cold, damp and dark inside’ but I don’t care. They’re beautiful.

I think this house is possible the most beautiful house I have ever seen. It certainly proved popular on my Instagram account. At the same time it kind of reminds me of the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel. Okay, put myself right off it now.


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