30 before 30

30 before 30 #1 – own a digital SLR camera

Finally, I have managed to complete one of my 30 before 30! I am now the proud owner of a digital SLR camera! It cost me a small fortune, but it was totally worth it.

It was my birthday Tuesday. I officially feel old. 26 still sounded quite young, but I feel like I’m being propelled into middle age by turning 27. On the plus side, everyone gave me money towards my new camera. I had a lovely weekend. On Friday, after work, Ben and I popped into the city to buy my camera. Unfortunately I had to wait until Saturday for my new toy. The Norwich store didn’t have the camera pack I wanted so we had to drive 30 miles to Lowestoft on the Saturday to pick it up. Ben treated me to tea in Giraffe to make up for the lack of camera and then we went to the cinema to see the Inbetweeners movie. It was so funny. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. Saturday night was spent drinking beer and playing pool and Sunday was a day for playing with the camera and watching Jimmy Carr live in the evening. Here are a few shots me and Ben took. Sorry I haven’t posted them sooner. It took an age to work out how to get the photos onto my computer.

Ben will probably kill me for posting this, but I think he looks cute!

I think I’ve got some work to do. They kinda look drained of colour. My friend has lent me a book, so hopefully I will be a pro in no time. Joke. I’m sad that it is getting dark so early in the evenings. Means I can’t take pictures when I get home from work. My new hobby will have to wait until the weekend. Anyone got any tips?


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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07794978635801756974 Blue Eyed Night Owl

    Congrats! That is awesome!

    Haha, yeah, wait till you want to buy an extra lens! Those often cost more than the actual camera;)

    But this really is great news and I look forward to seeing all your future pictures!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/07835966902702046658 Joy

    That’s so exciting! ! I want to get a slr so bad. But i’m totally with you on the cost factor. I do have one tip which is super easy any will even help with the coloring of the picture. If you can shoot during the golden hour which is early in the morning and right before sunset; the natural sunlight will look amazing!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00648895688162284839 Victoria

    You absolute star for the comment on my blog. Had a bit of trouble searching for one myself!
    Thank you. xx

  • http://alittleonesadventures.blogspot.com/ Becky

    Congrats on getting the camera! Loving the photos, very nice 🙂