Come on, come on, come on, come on, Take That and partay!

I’m back in Norwich after rather an epic drive home today. I forget exactly how far the drive is until I tackle it all in one day. I left Mum’s house in West Wales at about 11.30 am and got home at 6 this evening. Needless to say, I’m bored of driving.

I’ve had such a lovely time in Wales. I spent some quality time with my very favourite people – my Mum, my Sister, my Grandad and one of my best mates Sam. Katie wrote a great post about our day out with Sam – it was wet, very wet.

I wish I could have stayed in Wales longer. I hate leaving when I’ve been to stay with my Mum. Especially just to come home to an empty house and shrivelled up hanging baskets. I’m feeling sorry for myself this evening, if you hadn’t noticed.

But I’m about to blog about something that I know will cheer me up no end. This time last night, Mum and I were singing our hearts out to one of our favourite bands – Take That!! If you remember, I spent a very long morning back in October, actually at my Mum’s house, battling with the masses trying to get hold of tickets. Well I can officially announce that it was totally worth it. It was even worth the major headache of trying to find the park and ride yesterday afternoon, long story. Let’s just say that we gave up, parked in a residential street and walked for a good 45 minutes instead.

Photo overload. I took a ton more but I don’t want to cause mass computer break down. The concert was amazing. I’ve never been to such a massive concert before. Over 64,000 people. Huge!

I even enjoyed Robbie Williams. I’ve never been his biggest fan, but I have to say he nailed it last night. 64,000 people singing Angels, arm round my Mum, I’ll never forget it (never forget! get it? never mind). He has his trousers down in the picture because he ripped them – ‘I’ve ripped me kegs,’ classy boy.

I wonder if this will be their last tour. I just have a sneaky suspicion that they may call it a day soon. I hope not, but I think they might.

Have you guys heard of Take That outside the UK? Are any of you going/been to see them? Let me know!


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