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Movie review: Tangled


This film has leaped into my top 5 favourite Disney films of all time. And the best part is, I left it so long to go and see it in the cinema, that the DVD is out next month. I couldn’t persuade Ben to come and watch this one with me, funny that, but with Katie being a massive Disney fan as well, we made it a priority to watch this in the cinema last week.

I don’t need to give you the plot. If you know the basic story of Rapunzel then hey presto you’ve got it. I love Disney films, you can always trust them to have beautiful princesses incredible animation (her hair really is amazing), the cutest sidekicks, perfect men (who are definitely not based on anyone from real life), stunning scenery and just the right amount of emotion.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned in the past, but I am a weeper! That’s right, I may be a cold hearted moose in real life, but in my movie/tv/advert watching life, I cry at anything. I had tears streaming down my face during this one. I had to try so hard not to sob as there were only 6 of us in the cinema and I’m pretty sure everyone would have known who the cry baby was. Not the 8 year old girl with her Grandad that’s for sure.

I now have a new favourite Disney character. Pascal (how did I not know there was a Disney wiki website!? Add to favourites quick). He is so lovely. Both Katie and I are now dying to have a pet chameleon. As soon as the movie was over we rushed to the Disney store to see if we could buy a chameleon that was slightly less responsibility than a real one. No such luck. There were a lot of Rapunzel outfits, hairbrushes and fake hair but no cute Pascal’s.


Throughout the movie Rapunzel always dreams of visiting the lanterns that are released every year on her birthday.


They reminded me of the lanterns we released at my friend’s wedding. Although, I think I remember them being dangerous rather than romantic. Perhaps I’ll have romantic lanterns at my imaginary wedding. Super safe ones, that when released by inebriated individuals don’t threaten to set the bride and groom alight.

If you love Disney movies then this really is one of their best.

My rating ~ 5/5


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