Words #11


When people say ‘you can’t do that!’ I say ‘maybe not, but I’m willing to give it a try.’


Remembering the little things


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There are moments and words from the past fortnight that I want to etch into my memory forever. Those words that make you catch your breath, surprise tears out of you and make you smile on the inside and out. Continue Reading


Postcards from // Uncia + Tigris, Bumpkin Betty & The Lost Girl’s Playbook

It’s time I started introducing those lovely bloggers in my sidebar. There’s quite a few new faces and some old friends too. Remember you can still get 30% off ad spaces using the code JANTASTIC30. The code will expire at the end of this month.


Uncia + Tigris

Clare’s blog is new to me and I am already falling in love. Her words, her photos, her ethos and the meaning behind her blog name. I can’t wait to introduce you to her properly next week. Her weight lost story is incredible and I am going to try my best to keep her going with the Couch to 5k programme. Her blog is thoughtful and eloquent and you should go and say hello right now.

Post of the month: 8 tips for beating January blues – because don’t we all need these?

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Bumpkin Betty

Jaclyn’s blog is beautiful! Beautiful I say. The design, the layout. I have serious blog envy. Her lifestyle blog is the perfect mix of reviews, fashion, recipes and (one I can actually get excited about now) weddings! I am loving her Wedding Wednesdays posts. That girl is wedding wise, as I quickly learn that I am not.

Post of the month: Designing an engagement ring part 1 – so that’s how you get those amazingly beautiful, unique Pinterest rings that you can’t find in any shops! I love my ring and love that Ben chose it, but if you’re after bespoke then this post is so informative!

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The Lost Girl’s Playbook

Now it’s time to introduce you to the lovely Jenna Rose. A fellow book worm and creative spirit, her blog is all shiny and new and it’s great to be able to welcome her to the blogging world. I am rather envious that she is doing a creative writing degree. If only I could turn back time and realise, before I got to uni, that I really don’t enjoy glaciers and rocks very much.

Post of the month: A history of writing – her writing story is both inspiring and impressive considering Jenna is just starting her degree. I may have to probe her for some publishing tips.

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outdoor adventures

Snow days to remember


So this past week or so has been very much a blur. A blur of well wishes and bubbles. Of sparkles and excitement. So much so, that my feet don’t feel like they’ve touched the ground. It is quite nice that the glitter is starting to settle and Ben and I can start to think about when and what we want to do next. Continue Reading


Words #10


I love discovering beautiful words. I have a little notebook I write them down in. I have no idea if werifesteria is a real word. I’ve not been convinced by a google search. But I hope it is real, its meaning certainly resonates.

She & Him

Some sparkly news…


I’m sure most of you have seen the news on Instagram, but for those that haven’t I can’t keep quiet about it any longer. And it seems silly to post about our holiday first.

On our last day in Austria, walking back to our hotel along the lake, Benjamin asked me to marry him. It was very Ben, involving me asking him if he was actually going to ask, rather than just make me guess. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

You all wrote such sweet comments on Instagram and I couldn’t actually reply to you all. But thank you. I think I was most nervous about announcing it to you guys.

After over 10 years together I’m so excited that I’m going to marry my very best friend.

We’re both super happy and can’t wait to start planning. You should probably avoid my Pinterest for a little while. Or at least block my wedding board.