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I’ve got a load of lovely new blogs to introduce you to this month, a number of them book bloggers which makes me very excited. It’s lovely to be recognised as someone who blogs about books myself, so this makes my heart happy.

W2W postcard

Wander to Wonder

Miho is no stranger to Sunny Sweet Pea, I had the pleasure of featuring her blog a few months ago and I’ve been an avid follower ever since. Wander to Wonder is my go to place for all things London and Miho very kindly gave me some advice on where to take my Mum for pre-theatre dinner back in the summer. Her blog is beautiful, all her posts are full of colour, personality and yummy food. Whether that’s food cooked by her very talented husband or the amazing restaurants she reviews. She’s also a fellow introvert and we share many of the same personality traits.

Post of the month: Cake decorating with Konditor & Cook – I want to go to a cake decorating class! {sticks out bottom lip and has a little strop}

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elise and life

Elise and Life

A new favourite! I love Elise’s blog. Adventures, knitting, books, charity shops and a love of abandoned buildings. I think we’d get on well!! Elise lives in Scotland and does a lot of adventuring, and you know I love adventures. She also has great taste in blogs and I have spent hours making my way through her recommendations. Also a lover of books. I think my TBR list is going to grow tenfold!

Post of the month: The Cornish Dormouse Tea Cosy – Elise is incredibly talented and makes me want to whip out my knitting needles.

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A Girl Who Reads

It’s a pleasure to welcome Alys and her wonderful book blog back (wow mouthful!) this month. I said it last month, but Alys is far more eloquent at reviewing books than I am. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her review of Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being. We read this for the Bloggers’ Book Club a few months ago and it’s always great to get another take on a book. I often learn things about books that I would never have noticed myself. She’s also shared a great graphic about the Oscars and the books the ‘best picture’ films were based on.

Post of the month: A girl who reads: magazines – I love magazines and although Alys is Australian and not all of the magazines she mentions are available in the UK, it’s nice to read a post about magazines for a change!

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bowbangles postcard

Bows Bangles & Bakes

I do love Jen’s blog, I’ve particularly enjoyed reading all about her wedding. Her DIY bouquets are amazing!! Actually I think I’ll use a few more exclamation marks!!!!!! They actually make me feel a little guilty about the amount of money we’re bound to spend on flowers. Gulp. She also made her own invitations and a beautiful wedding planner (puts my excel sheet to shame).

Post of the month: 90s fashion and beauty mistakes – this is BRILLIANT!! I was such a nineties child. I think I did all of these things.

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Cecilia in the rain postcard

Cecilia in the Rain

Cecilia is another fellow knitter (although not sure I can really classify myself as one anymore, seeing as I haven’t done any for about a year). And the first thing I need to point out to you is this amazing jumper. Seriously it looks shop bought! This girl is crazy talented. I do love Scotland, but I have only been twice and haven’t seen very much of it. I also knew you could ski there, but for some reason assumed it would be a dusting of snow with the grass poking through, but no! There is full on snow there, like Austria style snow. Why do we trek all the way to Austria Ben, let’s just go to the Cairngorms. I’m going to enjoy reading Cecilia’s Scottish adventures.

Post of the month: 10 movies from my youth that I could watch over and over again – love this. Another post I can 100% relate to. I think I’ve watched 10 Things I Hate About You going on for a million times. And I love Titanic. Yes I do!

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lilac linnet postcard

The Lilac Linnet

And last but not least the lovely blog of Llinos. That’s a name I don’t come across very often anymore, living in England. I do love a fellow Welshie. She is also a fellow book lover, so I like her already. More importantly Llinos is a cancer survivor. In fact she’s written her own book about it. Reading some of her posts about having cancer are inspiring and humbling in equal measure. Me and Llinos also shared a few emails this week, involving me sharing a secret I have never told anyone. She’s truly an amazing lady.

Post of the month: Am I Geek? – turns out, I am 100% geek.

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