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    You may not know this about me, but some of my favourite blogs are actually blogs about home interiors or my current topic of choice, gardening and allotment blogs. I also love blogs with a bit of grit, ones written by people who aren’t afraid to voice their opinion. So I’m pretty excited about the blogs I get to introduce to you today! Get ready to extend that Bloglovin’ feed.

    W2W postcard

    Wander to Wonder

    It’s always a pleasure to welcome Miho back to the blog. Wander to Wonder is still my go to place for all things London. My Mum is coming to stay soon and we will have our annual theatre weekend in London, no doubt I will use Miho’s blog to make our dining decisions. I have particularly enjoyed reading about Miho’s adventures in Provence this month. I’ve only ever visited Paris, but I’m now thinking I should venture elsewhere in France. It is beautiful.

    Post of the month: Provence: Sunset walk to Oppede Le Vieux – beautiful photos of the french countryside. And cheese. Oh the cheese.

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    Other blogs to peruse

    She is Fierce

    Kiersten is much like me, her blog technically falls into the lifestyle category, but that isn’t how we like to describe them! She is Fierce is much more about feminism, cultural events and creative writing than it is Kiersten’s life. Want to know what the best femnist TV shows are to watch, or how to make the most out of a guest post? Definitely a blog worth bookmarking for sound blogging advice.

    Post of the month: Three things you should know about introverts – can totally relate to this.

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    Herb Tea and Wellingtons

    Gardening blogs are my not so guilty pleasure. I adore my garden and I’m trying my best to make more time for it, but whilst I should be pulling up the plentiful weeds in mine I am probably reading about other peoples luscious green spaces. Natalie’s blog is one of those! Her blog is about her life with her four daughters and Sid the cat and that beautiful garden of hers features heavily. Now if I could just get Pip to stop eating my sunflowers perhaps they will one day look as beautiful as Natalie’s.

    Post of the month: Favourite ‘Grow your own’ books – this year I have attempted squash and hanging basket tomatoes in my little garden, but my dream is to one day have my own allotment. I shall have to add these books to my collection.

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    The Librarian

    Georgia is a real life librarian – a job I quite fancied once upon a time- and her blog was a real pleasure to find this month. A mix of her life in Lincolnshire, her love of books and baking and her beautiful home, she has quickly been added to my ‘must read’ list. Lincolnshire isn’t a place I have seen very much of but it looks beautiful. It’s just a county away so I really should pay it a visit sometime. The one time I ventured into Lincolnshire was to pick up Pip, she’s a Boston girl.

    Post of the month: Spinach and red pepper quiche – you will never know how much I love quiche and this looks amazing!!

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