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    My irrational heart

    Mike Newell, Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe on set-2

    A little piece of my heart broke today. Sweet Jeremy Vine delivered the blow whilst I drove to a meeting along the A11. Why is it that we hold such a special place in our hearts for people we have never met? For people we may never have actually witnessed being real people? Alan Rickman may have been an absolute wanker in real life, I’ve read many things to the contrary, but what do I know? Just what my dear friends Jo Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Thompson tell me. Actually he had a tendency to play mean gits in films, so I essentially adored him for being damn good at being a bastard. Continue Reading

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    I was going to take some carefully constructed but oh so casual, birds eye view (sure there’s an ‘official’ blogger/Instagrammer term for that) shots of my New Year resolutions, artfully written in…

  • Christmas

    O Christmas Tree

    If you’ve been watching my Vlogmas videos – which by the way is a festive mission in itself, oh the editing! – you will know that we bought our first real Christmas…

  • Christmas

    One last cup of tea

    It’s been a couple of weeks now since Charlotte and I went to the Wealden Times Midwinter Fair and more importantly the last time I would see Charlotte before her little baby…

  • Random Moments

    Winter Blues

    These blues are real people and who the F knows why. I fricking love this time of year, I mean it’s Christmas for God’s sake. I don’t need an excuse to watch…

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    popcorn and theatre

    Festive Film List 2015

    A couple of years ago I challenged myself to watch as many Christmas films as possible. During that process my final must see list grew ever so slightly. With it being mid…