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This is my motto for the year. Someone hold me accountable on the 1st January 2016.

Book Review

Book Review | The Enchanted Forest

I’m sure you’ve spotted these stunning colouring books for adults before, drawn by Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford. This is her latest book – The Enchanted Forest. I hope you enjoy my little video review. There’s a story about the Sharpies too, involving Ben and his drunken mates shouting down the phone to me like naughty school boys – ‘what size nibs do you want?’ Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.


3 days in Dublin


If any of you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I spent the last few days in Dublin. Now, this isn’t going to be a list of things to do with three days in Dublin, as I actually spent most of the time in pubs. But being the little tourist geek that I am, I took myself off in the mornings whilst most my friends slept off their hangovers, to have a nosy around. Continue Reading

Random Moments

On voting


I’m not going to sit here telling you who you should vote for. Blimey, I’ve only just shared with Ben who I choose to vote for, we don’t agree by the way, but I am happy to tell you to vote. I also think, with the growth of blogging, many of us are in a position to get the word out to young voters. Your vote does matter and I will openly admit that I ‘wasn’t bothered’ when I turned old enough to vote. I didn’t care about politics so why bother. The thing is, it does affect you. The taxes you pay, the tuition fees you owe, the benefits you’re entitled to.

It’s your last day to register to vote today! And even if you don’t feel you align with any particular party I strongly feel you should spoil your paper. Spoiling your paper means you’re telling the government you want to vote, but none of the parties really do it for you. It does get counted and it shows you care. Around 295,000 voters spoiled their papers in the last general election. If you want to spoil your paper, just draw a single line through all the boxes and write NONE across the ballot paper. This website gives a clear example.

There are also some great websites out there to help you decide who you want to vote for. There’s a couple I’ve used that I would recommend – isidewith.com and voteforpolicies.org.uk

In my area there is almost a 100% chance that the conservative candidate will stay in, so it would be easy to think my vote is wasted but it isn’t and I’m still going to vote. If enough of us have this attitude, we’ll send a clear message that we’re not happy with how our country is being governed.

If you care about how the country you live in is run, don’t be silent. Vote for a candidate who will work for the things you believe in or vote NONE in protest.

Random Moments, Writing

The time vacuum


Procrastinate – to postpone or delay needlessly

As I sit here typing, I could be writing my next assignment. It’s due in just over two weeks. This weekend I am heading to Dublin and I am all too aware that this will immediately take three days out of those two weeks. Still, I know I won’t stop writing this. Until I feel the flutters of self induced panic, I won’t do anything about it.

At university I would be that friend who disappeared for two days before an assignment deadline. You would find me surrounded by empty coffee cups and pro-plus packets, with puffy eyes and in the same clothes you last saw me in. No I hadn’t moved. Actually in my first year of university I didn’t have my own computer, so would drag my sleep deprived self to the 24 hour computer room with enough change in my pocket to ensure the coffee supply didn’t run out.

The thing about procrastination is we’re all so aware that we do it, but often do nothing about it. I moan about time running away from me, but here’s the thing people, procrastination kills time. Sucks it away like a time vacuum. And you can never have it back again.

There’s a difference between doing things last minute because they make you feel a little uncomfortable and never doing anything, because your scared of the unknown. Discomfort is good. It makes us grow as people, we develop life skills that you can only learn through experience. Childbirth, for example, blumming terrifies me. But I hope more than anything I get to experience it, because I know what the outcome is if I don’t. Once this writing course is over I am going to write my first book and I am going to try and get an agent. Because I don’t want to live a comfortable and content life and on my deathbed be full of regrets.

I’m okay with a little healthy procrastination. Sitting here writing this post is carthatic and I’m writing, so technically that’s contributing to my course. But the next time I moan about not having time to read that magazine or knit that scarf, when I’ve sat watching dogs just don’t want to bath (don’t click it, don’t!) videos for half an hour, I’ll re-read this post.

If you’ve got an ambition in life, seriously, don’t let that time vacuum suck that ambition away. Do something about it. I don’t mean quit your job and run away to join the circus, unless of course you want to, then blimey go for it. I just mean stop making excuses. I know that our time is precious, but in that case use it wisely. Volunteer or do a course in what little spare time you have. Yes it can be stressful and tiring. I should know, I’m doing it at the moment. But it will be worth it and it isn’t forever.

Discomfort means we’re growing and it’s not something to be afraid of. Every second counts, so use them wisely.

Having said all that, go watch that dogs in the bath video, it’s flipping hilarious.

Book Review, You Tube

Book haul // The Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction long list


On Friday I got home to one of the most exciting packages I’ve ever received. A crate with the entire long list of the Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction. Not to mention the two bottles of Baileys!

I believe the short list was announced yesterday, but here is the long list for your perusal. There are some amazing sounding books in there, I particularly fancy reading The Bees, The Shore and I am China. Let me know what you think of the video. It took me ages to film and edit, but I actually managed not to waffle to much, so it’s relatively short!

A Spool of Blue Thread
I Am China
Dear Thief
Crooked Heart
Elizabeth is Missing
Aren’t We Sisters?
Station Eleven
The Offering
The Country of Ice Cream Star
The Girl Who Was Saturday Night
The Bees
The Table of Less Valued Nights
The Walk Home
A God in Every Stone
How to be Both
The Shore
The Paying Guests
After Before
The Life of a Banana