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Do comments really matter?


I think they do! Way back in 2009 when I started Sunny Sweet Pea, the flutter of excitement I would get when someone commented on my blog was wonderful. And believe it or not, I still feel like this today. Every single comment my readers leave ping straight through to my inbox. I try my hardest to reply to them all, I really do. Occasionally I don’t get around to it, so please don’t think it is a slight on you if I don’t respond. It isn’t. I’m forgetful. My friends will vouch for this. I can go weeks without replying to a text, simply because I think ‘I’ll reply to that later’ and promptly forget the text even exists. Continue Reading

You Tube

New video // my favourite films

Or movies if you will. I feel you can totally judge me as a person by knowing what my favourite films are. Violence, flamboyance and childhood escapism a recurring theme.


Words #16


This made me smile. I have the weirdest, trippiest dreams sometimes and I do wonder how on earth my brain comes up with these things. Those that I remember I write down in my little notebook. I keep meaning to buy a dream dictionary to look them up.

Good Reads, popcorn and theatre

Suite Française – book v film


My heart gave a little leap when I realised one of my favourite books had been made into a film and I wasn’t disappointed. For once, an adaptation that I loved. Suite Française is a beautiful film, I wanted to go straight back into the cinema and watch it again. The cinematography is stunning and I’m desperately wanting to dress in a 1940’s tea dress and get the hair rollers out. The whole thing is heartachingly beautiful and I highly recommend it, but I actually want to talk to you about the book it is based on. Continue Reading