Say hello // Little Holly Tree

    Today I am introducing you to the wonderful Holly from Little Holly Tree. We’ve been following each others blogs for quite some time, so it’s a pleasure to introduce her properly to you today. Over to Holly.

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    Autumn Kern

    Tell us a bit about Little Holly Tree

    Generally speaking, I fall into the “lifestyle blogger” category but Little Holly Tree is really just a place for me to reflect on the ordinary goings on of life as a twenty-something wife! I started it back in the spring of 2014 as I was preparing to haul everything I owned across the ocean to marry my man and thought that with all the changes about to happen, I needed somewhere to jot down whatever I felt like sharing with friends and family back in the UK. Continue Reading

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    Creating time

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    Mrs Tea Drinking English Rose

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    Say hello // She is Fierce

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    In the pursuit of perfection

    This isn’t a post with even a smidge of self pity. I promise. Although it will inevitably descend into something that resembles a whiny outpouring. Your eyes may glaze over. You’d be…